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*** Thoughts shared by people being in touch with myself & experiencing Kite2Connect. ***

Kite2Connect Testimonials

  • DEAR NADJA! I have known you for a few years now and had the honour
    • to work for you,
    • to enjoy your exceptional human skills,
    • to experience your special way with people, your"feeling" knowing how to guide them!
    Back then you were already working on this great project of yours, Kite2Connect, now it has become your reality! During our time I got to know you as a person with a
    deep understanding for human behaviours
    how to get the best out in people,
    to make them smile, to make them happy. According to my own opinion, I myself was not very easy to "handle" at the time and, until today, I dont really know what and how you did it, but you did it,
    you made me move onto my path allowing me to grow and become whole again. I became strong and happy - I found back to my roots!


    I will be my pleasure to recommend you, your services to anyone crossing my path and in need of a supportive hand. I wish you all the best, good luck, and stay the way you are!
    Thomas Holzgethan - Sales Manager Packaging
  • A wonderful person with
    the special gift of "feeling".
    She enjoys
    • working with people,
    • to care for them,
    • to find solutions,
    • she is reliable, sophisticated and mentally very strong!
    This is how I got to know Nadja during our time working together in the field of industrial engineering. She was always ready, eager and positive about finding appropriate solutions for challenges situations.
    She never gives up, she moves!
    All her knowledge from her previous professional engagements will now support her other passion, her passion for sport & sportcoaching and inspire everyone coming to see her for inspiration, movement and growth!  
    Peter Tschinder - Project Manager "Engineering" (retired) / passionate athlete
  • Talking to you supported my self-confidence to grow again.

    I had lost it somehwere on my way.
    Coming to you was the right thing to do,
    you made me feel safe which made me open up and release everything I was hiding, neglecting inside myself.

    The most important thing after we met,

    was that I really could listened to you, I could actually embrace what you were saying and go home and
    do all the things that you told me to do.
    It did not take a long time until the problems I seemed to be having were gone - you made my problems vanish and supplied me with the tools how to deal with my future "probelems" in a positive way.
    Fatih A. - Insurance Broker / Football player
  • Nadja was there for me when I needed her support the most.
    She gave me exactly the care and feeling I was missing at that point.
    She gave me back my faith, my strength - she was my listener and my whisperer.

    Nadja always found the appropriate words and gestures allowing me to move forward, to make me grow.

    Romy K.
  • Nadja picked me up exactly where I was at that point concerning my physical and mental state of stamina.
    Powerful, nontheless with "feeling" and a professional hand.
    Together with the kite she made me step out of my comfort zone - she was there to make me feel safe, initiating my growth. I was able to overcome my personal obstacles which the kite and her mental training made me see and feel - I felt my fears and
    Nadja found my magic
    to turn my fears into my personal strength.

    Kite2Connect enabled my growth!

    Dominique Hölzl - sport climbing coach & yoga teacher

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