*** Your mental strain into success. ***

mental training. performance power. quality of life.

Thoughts are everywhere,

  • we are being led by them on a daily basis
  • reflecting in our behaviour, actions and attitude.

No matter which position in life we are currently holding or which goal we are perusing, thoughts are everywhere, whether being

a pro athlete,

an employee,

a worker,

a mother,

a father,

a child,

an entrepreneur or

in any other private or professional engagement.

Our brain is constantly operating. It is constantly thinking, evaluating, trying to find solutions, making decisions. It is permanently judging the surroundings, trying to put things into the right context with the stored memories which in turn should lead to the most beneficial action and behaviour on a personal level.

All this consciously as well as unconsciously, automised thinking and judging are mental processes.

In most cases we allow our thoughts to rule our behaviour, our actions, our sentiment –

should it not be the other way round?

To have the appropriate perspective, angle of vision, as well as a beneficial way of thinking to various life situations, this allows to promote and to perceive personal success.

Mental stamina is based on the inner balance of the following five levels:

  • mental
  • emotional
  • social
  • cognitive
  • somatic

Only if these five areas are balanced within themselves and amongst each other, is the perception of personal wellbeing possible and maximum performance can be excerted for any personal, professional and / or athletic goal.

Being able to feel well, promoting motivation to achieve things in life, is the basis of the

personal quality of life.

In order to have personal wellbeing, it is necessary to know how to be happy and this in turn is dependand on the quality of thoughts.

  • Fear & stress mechanisms need to be brought out into the open which will reveal the consequences on the physical stamina – the goal is to learn how to deal with these mechanisms and to eliminate the same in the long-run.
  • Maximum peak performance capability just in-time – designed for your profession, your daily routine and your athletic goals.
  • Back to sport – support after sport injuries regarding the elimination of (unconsciously) acquired fear and protection mechanisms.
  • Kitesurfing as a unique screening and training tool regarding the (current) mental & physical stamina.

*** Your mental strain into success. ***

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