What is the secret behind this sport, making it a magic tool for physical, mental & social (behavioural) growth? Where is the link to peak performance on these levels?

Kitesurfing is a

  • highly coordinative sport,
  • connecting the left cerebral hemisphere to the right one,
  • building a bridge to get the best out of each other as one could say,

they are partners in crime, like the body and mind.

To have partners in crime is quite beneficial if wanting to achieve successful personal moments.

This sport enables one to deeply feel

  • one’s personal physical,
  • as well as mental stamina,
  • and all this while absolutely feeling joy,
  • being doped by one own hormonal system,

bringing on the wonderful feeling of flow.

Feeling the flow is our fuel to challenge our limits, to exceed them and to therefore rise to new heights and potential. In addition,

while moving out of our comfort zone, our ingrained beliefs materialise in front of us,

if wanted or not,

displaying our fears that lead to stress.

We can feel them with all their force allowing us now

to replace these

with an awesome, new and most importantly, most beneficial one. The ability to perceive one’s body, mind and surroundings is enhanced and the power of the mind is clearly demonstrated.

Ingrained helplessness is left behind and replaced by the faith, trust and knowledge to push goals to success!

Kitesurfing as a developmental learning tool in the fields of:

  • wellbeing
  • mindfulness
  • concentration
  • proprioreception
  • awareness enhancement
  • feel the power of thoughts
  • peak performance capability
  • personal development & growth
  • experiencing the happiness / flow-feeling
  • discover personal action, problem-solving & movement patterns
  • listening – (re)developing the spirit of being curious – change of foccus
  • peak performance just in-time

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