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souple as a lepard – Panther Training

spine. anchoring. injury prevention. Our goal is to anchor your spine, we are going to focus on the principles of biomechanics regarding the spine.

Your spine is the foundation, the pillar, the anchor of your stable and efficient body composure, which in turn means, your performance capability and perceived wellbeing start right here.

This is the place in your body where physical, athletic goals have their root to be performed injury-free and without loss of energy.

This principle applies to pro athletes, leisure athletes as well as health athletes in the same way.

In times & moments of fatigue, fear and stress it is necessary to ensure your movements stay controled, securing the biomechanical stability of your spine and therefore keeping you from severe injuries.

In addition to the anchoring of your spine

  • mobility,
  • coordination,
  • agility,
  • strength and
  • endurance,

combined with the amazing power of fascia training, also known under panther training, are further components to your peak performance and wellbeing cocktail.

BE CURIOUS – make your move!


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