QUALITY OF LIFE - burn-out prevention

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The world we live in today can be very demanding creating a challenge of itself on a daily basis to keep up a happy face and to remain in balance. We have various roles to fill, to perform each day as either as a partner, mother, father, boss, employee, friend, athlete and more. No wonder we tend to get caught up in the wheels of stress and disorientation.


Our daily tasks seem to be exploding, our environment is not stopping to evolve, always creating new things one should know and needs to know in order to stay up to date.

At the same time though, we are only humans which makes it difficult to keep up with this pace of modernisation, leaving our problem solving skills behind, turning our daily routine into more like a daily nightmare routine.

Too much chaos, too much strain are reasons to disconnect from ourselves from time to time and to somehow feel lost, not knowing where to go nor where / whom to turn to for advice. Sometimes we are aware of this happening. Often we are oblivious to this process as our brain also wants to avoid pain, believing its doing us a good deed when it really is not – it is time to wake up and seek the challenge and find new ways of coping.

  • mental hygiene
  • crisis prophylaxis
  • cognitive stress management
  • instrumental stress management

*** Get in touch with yourself (again), (re)awaken your passion, that is your potential! ***

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