Motivational thoughts for your training

Come & get the FEELING you need in order to turn your POTENTIAL into your SUCCESS!


  • Reinvigoration of your physical stamina!
  • Get to know yourself and nourish your insight! -> back to your own ideal!
  • Just about to lose weight?
  • Still hungry and wanting to lose weight?


  • Inspire your movement and action potential!
  • Success comes from the power in calmness & simplicity! -> back to tranquillity!
  • Just about to be successful?
  • Do you want to fight or win?

EMPOWERMENT – burn-out prevention

  • Inspire your psychological stamina!
  • Make passion your fuel & reason to burn and to move your potential! -> back to your roots!
  • Just about to be burned-out?
  • Are you already burning or still occupied extinguishing?

Your training is targeted to achieve

wellbeing - health - maximum performance power

  • injury prevention
  • your personal level of wellbeing
  • progression regarding your performance capability
  • sustainability of your newly found level of wellbeing
  • recovery & handling methods in, during & after crisis
  • your personal growth by stepping out of your comfort zone
  • your maximum peak performance power just in-time for your personal goals

on the physical, psychological (mental, cognitive, emotional) and social level. 

Training Targets

inspire your passion - empower your potential

  • stabilisation of the spine
  • stabilisation of movement and problem solving patterns
  • stabilisation of a flexible and an open mind

  • harmful body posture
  • harmful movement and problem solving patterns
  • harmful fear and stress mechanisms

-> overall wellbeing on a physical, mental and social level takes place
-> peak performance ability for personal as well as professional goals surfaces

  • Fitness Training
  • Mental Training
  • Burn-Out Prevention Training
  • Kitesurfing
  • Ideas & inspiration by you and me, your team

Testing Methods

  • AVEM (work-related behavioural & perceptional pattern & )
  • EBFSPO (recovery – strain – questionnaire for athletes)
  • OLMT (objective performance motivation test)
  • muscle range of movement test

ideas for themes to work with me

comfort zone - pain - growth

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