GENERAL Information

How do we get together?

individual mentoring.

  1. Contact me via phone, e-mail or online to arrange for a first non-committal informative conversation.
  2. Did you enjoy our conversation? Did you feal at ease? Great, then we shall arrange our first meet-up at your convenience during which we shall outline the direction to go.

group mentoring.

  1. Contact me via phone, e-mail or online to arrange for a first non-committal informative conversation.
  2. Did our conversation inspire you for your goals, that of your teams’, then we shall arrange to get-together at your convenience and outline in which direction our collaboration will take us.
  3. The success of our collaboration can only take place if all parties involved in our process and those having a possible influence on the implementation and outcome of our common work, are in the same boat with us and are prepared to support our anticipated at any time. According to this, the necessary steps need to be made to assure this which I shall require personal meetings.

Inquiry & Offer

The basic hourly rate is calculated at a price of €96,– including tax. This rate includes the presence or the time allocated by Nadja Knauder to your purpose. Allowances, travel expenses and any other additional services needed for the implementation of an offer are to be paid separately and will be added to the hourly rate.

  • Personal sessions are calculated à 60 minutes. Every additional minute is calculated in a 30 minute rhythm.
  • Online sessions are calculated in a 15 minute rhythm.

A cooperation on form of a workshop, camp, lecture or any long-term engagement will be calculated separately and agreed in writing. In all other cases the above-mentioned calculation method applies.

Prices & offers to learn the sport of kitesurfing the traditional way outside my camps or organised individual workshops are to be inquired separately.

Terms & Conditions

Kite2Connect is at no time reliable for any personal physical and / or psychological damages encountered while using the services of Kite2Connect. Kite2Connect recommends any client to seek the necessary medical approval to join services offered via Kite2Connect.

When exercising the sport of kitesurfing it is advisable to arrange an insurance policy covering material damages, third party liability and personal injuries.

Kite2Connect will be taking photos and videos during any chosen services. The client herewith permits the utilisation of the taken material for social media purposes at any time.

During personal sessions voice recordings can take place which the client shall be informed prior to starting recording. These recordings have the sole purpose to reflect the content of conversation and to extract appropriate strategies for the client. These recordings will at no time be used for publication.


I am reachable via telephone, whatsapp, skype, FB messenger or e-mail.

telephone: +43 676 9790341
whatsapp: +43 676 9790341
skype: Nadja Knauder

Due to travelling it can happen that I am currently unavailable. In such cases please send me an e-mail or any other form of message which will ensure that I become aware of you trying to reach me. As soon as I am back online and connected I shall revert back to you.

Thank your for your kind understanding in advance!

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