Mindful Empowerment.

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  • Somehow your energy has faded?
  • You just cannot find the motivation to get things done?
  • No matter if it is in your private, personal life or to get things moving on a professional level?
  • Everything just seems so draining?
  • You cannot even remember the last time you had fun, let alone laughed
  • Lost that feeling and actually cannot relate to it anymore?

Seems like tough times right there. Especially as it is even harder to get something moving or back if the feeling for it has gotten lost?!

How can you find something if you have no idea what you are looking for (anymore)? Right?

All of this does seem rather tricky at this particular moment, especially seen with your eyes. Mine can see your potential to grow and together we shall do this here in this camp!

We shall resuscitate your feeling and send you back into your awesome life!

How will this happen?

We need change, so we are going to do so. A change in surroundings, in scenery, in people, in energy will give you the necessary inputs to activate your moves – this place is your non-judgmental place.

On top of that we are going find out what physical, mental and social exercises your mind is seeking to make you feel whole again, to make you feel at peace. A very vital part of feeling well, of feeling at peace is to become aware of what we eat. Your food is your fuel for not only your body, more so for you mind and social behaviour.

Our kitesurfing session will give you the necessary push out of your comfort zone to open up to your refreshed way of thinking and perceiving your life. Your potential will visualise in front of you.

*** Empower Yourself – Be who you should be – Empower Your Feelings ***

Interest requirements: The desire to (re)gain the necessary trust in your personal competencies. You are seeking peace and growth at the same time to make yoru change happen. You want to (re)connect your body to your mind so they can perform how they should do, which is supporting you towards your goals? WE are going to combine this with fun and lightness and touch your soft spots outside your comfort zone, transforming these into your magic spots.

Every exhaustion has it’s roots somewhere and we shall locate these roots, do some proper gardening and let your garden of Eden shine in a new light. It shall be your garden of power (again).

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