Mind Wellness – for you as an individual


  • Are you aiming to achieve a fitness target such as giving your body a healthy shape to feel awesome & powerful from the inside and outside? To achieve this and to get going, you need your personal trainer to get you out of your comfort zone PLUS you want to understand how your body and mind work so you can maintain your program sustainably? Awesome, together we shall boost your comfort zone and put you right there where you want to be. Your home, your fitness studio, nature or a wellness temple, together we shall select the appropriate location to get you going
  • Are you overstrained? You just cannot go on the way you have been going? You are feeling weak and cannot and do not want to admit this in your intimate, familiar surroundings? Speaking to a totally detached person from your situation feels like a much better and comforting idea to give your thoughts the attention they are requiring, without being afraid of any judgement? I am here, waiting for you to get in touch to make your day look brighter.
  • Are you stuck in your daily routine, are slightly and surely going mad, feeling sort of lost as you just cannot figure out why you are like this? And you also have had enough of trying to figure it out by yourself? Give me a call, send me a message, together we shall put clarity into your perception crisis and your day will quiet down for a nice nocturnal rest.

I am just a small action away from you!


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