Mind Wellness – for you as a coach


  • Is there a certain tension in your team? You know that things need to change - a new spirit needs to be inspired and taken care of so the goals of your team can be attained? Your tasks as a trainer are diverse and demanding, they require time and energy. Perhaps the time has come to ask for support, so you can do what you need to do and exercise your expertise to the max? I am here as your spirit trainer, taking care of the details in between, on a physical & mental side. We can combine the mix you need – being present at competitions, trainings, available for talks in person or online. The options are there, ready to reach out for you.
  • Beaten by your thoughts? You just cannot find a way to reach an optimal solution for your mission? Are you facing difficulties and are actually seeking confidential, unbiased guidance of your thoughts? Most of the times, what we need is just the opportunity to spill out thoughts while talking to a “stranger” and while doing so, the solution pops up by itself and things become suddenly clear. Together we can find the perspective you need for your thoughts.
  • Are you currently feeling tense, knowing that this is counterproductive regarding the prevailing tasks and coming competitions? Contact me and be surprised how wonderful it feels and actually how productive it is to spill out your thoughts to someone outside your circle of confidants. This is your way to find new energy and thoughts, allowing you to move your athletes towards the envisaged success.

I am just a small action away from you!


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