Mind Wellness – for you as an athlete


  • Somehow you are feeling weak, powerless, drained and cannot figure out where this is coming from? You are training hard, eating well and recovering? Via motion and mind exercise, we shall discover the root of your fatigue, the reason that is sucking at your energy level – the sport kitesurfing is an amazing tool to move forward at a fast pace on a mission like this, obtaining constructive results for solid future work.
  • You know you have got it but you have not yet got to the point where you can feel it, keeping you from reaching your goals and your success you have been working for all along? You are missing this moment where everything just falls into place, connecting your hard work with your mind? You are searching for your CLICK moment? Give me a call, together we shall inspire this CLICK moment for you.
  • You are more than interested to find out how to (re)connect your body to your mind, to make them your partners in crime, so you can feel, live and exercise your optimal potential for your necessary peak performance moments just in-time? The power of your own, unconscious hidden thoughts are your gate opener to your success – I shall make these tangible for you via feeling them in your muscles. This will bring your change.
  • It is your competition day, you need to peak perform just in-time. You have trained well but you are just somehow feeling uncomfortable and just do not know how to express yourself, to get rid of this feeling for your competition and cannot really have a judgmental-free conversation within your team, or anyone else? Give me a call or whatsapp me, I am here to listen to your thoughts and make them flow for your moment.

I am just a small action away from you!


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