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*** Happiness is found in accepting imperfection.***

This is the place where I shall be sharing my thoughts and happenings as well as our moments we share together via Kite2Connect or by meeting up somewhere along our ways. My stories, our stories are inspired by the moments of life, whether the good ones or the challenging ones as we all share these in our hearts – moments in life happen everywhere and I want to talk about these and create happy moments for us all J!

The content of my stories shall be packed with practical insight combined with scientific literature, depending on the topic the percentage of mix will vary. The aim though is to inspire your thoughts and enrich your mind for your future movements.

The words „right“ or „wrong“ follow us on a daily basis and are basically our unconscious guides when we make decisions. I believe that these words actually restrict our ability to find the appropriate mind-set for a certain situation. So here it is not about “right” or “wrong”, this is the place to be inspired, to allow information to unfold its beauty for yourself, for your current moment. Decisions can only be made for the moment – every day we take one further decision, based on the daily circumstances – we move forward step by step. Basically every moment has its right decision – the focus should be to choose the solution that makes you feel at ease, relaxed and happy in the NOW. Moving along, things change, so you change too, if you want to.

I want you to see the stories shared here as your inspiration, when you need them, when you are ready to need them J.


*** I know what I am doing while I do not know what I am doing. ***

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