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empower your potential


stay connected & in touch with yourself


nourish your peak performance in life & career


PERFORMERS need to understand their ressources on a physical, mental and emotional level to KEEP ON RISING







based on mental, pyhsical and emotional stamina

Kite2Connect is a collective approach on the

  • physical,
  • mental and
  • social


Peak performance power can only be available and take place once these three levels are outbalanced and in balance amongst each other.

This provides the grounds to be in line with oneself and use one’s personal full potential.

Kite2Connect combines & connects

  • fitness,
  • mental &
  • burn-out prevention training

to trigger and allow exactly for the above to happen.

The innovative idea available at Kite2Connect is to achieve the just mentioned in addition to the classical tools via the sport of kitesurfing.

This concept is being backed up by my thesis written to obtain my diploma in the field of PYHSICAL & MENTAL HEALTH TRAINING:

“Kiteboarding as a mental resource into happiness – an opportunity into wellbeing and therefore health.”

Together we are going to catapult your body, mind & soul out of its comfort zone and back into working mode. We are going to explore your magic zone, make your full potential happen leading to your personal wellbeing and happiness.

The training program will consist of movement and mind exercises which is determined by your current situation and adapted where necessary.

*** Feel YOUR Flow – Peak Performance just in-time – the BEST in YOU! ***

wellbeing – health – quality of life

This is K2C

my way to nuture my lifelines

(re)connect. body. mind.

My road to my authentic vibrancy, to my personal wellbeing, was initiated via the sport of kitesurfing. Performing this wonderful sport allowed myself to not only discover but more so to feel my true potential, my capabilities and that the core of being able to benefit from these attributes is to find one’s personal trust and faith and to believe in one’s personal power to make things happen.

Kitesurfing gave me back my faith, my trust, my belief and power to follow my heart, my goals – all of this on a physical, mental, social, personal as well as professional level – this is why you are reading these lines right now, kitesurfing made Kite2Connect finally happen, it (re)connected my dot with my I.

limits. kite marathon. joy.

I am constantly looking for opportunities to explore my limits. This makes me feel alive and creates my gates to growth. Kitesurfing is my fuel keeping my heart and passion burning for new adventures and gives me the power to succeed with my challenges. Taking part in kite marathons is how I keep the vibes and fuel going.

my support. to you. questions & timing.

I am here to support you in reaching your personal moments of growth and flow by creating your necessary situations and thoughts to achieve this growth. You will feel your potential and manifest it accordingly. Together we shall peruse these goals not only via sport, motivational training and kitesurfing, profound conversations will always be part of this process. I shall observe, see, feel and then create your moments to (re)connect your body to your mind leading to your personal success.

passion – faith – success

This inspires K2C

my energy source – my sanctuary – my keystones

Nadja the traveller. people. passion. (re)connect yourself.

I was raised travelling the world and I have not stopped doing so up until now as it is in my genes. I enjoy meeting people from various walks of life. It keeps my soul moving and growing – following curiosity and seeking new perspectives to see the world is a wonderful way to achieve inner peace and power which in turn brings my personal happiness.

While I was learning how to kitesurf I, unintentionally, got back into touch with myself in the most beautiful and possible way. Especially as it did happen unintentionally, I had no idea how far I had actually distanced myself from my own goals until I had the kite strapped to me. The personal growth I was allowed to experience and feel with full force was my motivation to write my thesis with the title

„Kiteboarding (kitesurfen) as a mental tool into happiness – your opportunity into wellbeing and therefore health.“

allowing me to obtain my diplomas to become a personal fitness & mental trainer.

My thesis is the scientific foundation of Kite2Connect, building the core of my work to support one’s growth on a physical, cognitive and social level.

Here at Kite2Connect is the place where I share all my personal, professional and athletic knowledge and experiences to support your path, as an individual or in any kind of team formation.

*** Renewing yourself requires daily work. *** (Konfuzius) translated

fitness – fascia – mental – kitesurfing

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