Which opportunities do we have?

We have the chance to meet face to face, online, at predefined workshops / camps or at workshops / camps defined on a personalised basis

My support is targeted to provide

  • a long-term and
  • sustainable


Your individual potential, that of teams, requires time to (re)develop and even more importantly to manifest itself generating authentic and powerful actions, led by the mind.

  • personal support
  • online support
  • theme workshops / camps
  • individualised packages

online support – I can be here for you no matter where you are right now

Are you always on the go, always moving making it a challenge to receive the support you are seeking?

This shall no longer be causing you restless moments, we can meet via whatsapp, skype, telephone or any other available online tool.

contact me and we shall find your way!

personal support – I have time for YOU!

Is there something you need help with, a task you could do with my personal help? I can be

  • your confidant
  • your mentor or
  • your “out of your comfort zone”-booster.

Your personal project will define where and how we get together. It is all about you, together we shall make you move along your way.

themen workshops / camps – the place to your lifeliness

The workshops & camps created under the following topics in this section are designed to distinguish that the

responsibility for personal wellbeing, happiness, performance ability and success can only lie within oneself.

These words sound simple and easy, the true meaning and power can only be understood once felt

these workshops are destined to make you FEEL.

Together we shall explore stress and especially your stress in all its beauty – we shall unmask your fears behind your stress mechanisms and (re)unite stress and fear creating your inner peace leading to your personal empowerment.

*** Empower Your Potential – Feel The Flow. ***


individualised offers

This is the moment to explore your relevant needs and give them the attention they need and deserve.

Adaptation is the past, today we need to live a flexible mind-set nourishing wellbeing and peace – growth under such circumstances is only a question of time.

We can also just say “Hey, let’s get together for those specific dates and see what happens.”. A very great idea which can be lived here at Kite2Connect.

We get together and explore the moment and dive into the topics offered to all of us by just being together.

I am going to engage into your world, your feelings, your team at the moment we meet and will spontaneously create stages for physical, mental and social growth.

Children still have the awesome gift of being in the moment,

of following the spirit non-judgmental, keeping their curiosity alive, making them see things we grownups have become oblivious to. Let’s re-open our mind by being oblivious to norms and rules and try to see what this can make us see.

Let’s fuel our soul together.

athlete. coach. sports league.

company. individual. incentives.

ladies. girls. women.

Let’s talk!

I am reachable via telephone, whatsapp, skype, FB messenger or e-mail.
telephone: +43 676 9790341
whatsapp: +43 676 9790341
skype: Nadja Knauder

Due to travelling it can happen that I am currently unavailable. In such cases please send me an e-mail or any other form of message which will ensure that I become aware of you trying to reach me. As soon as I am back online and connected I shall revert back to you.
Thank your for your kind understanding in advance!

Mind Wellness

Mind Wellness

Mind Wellness

Mind Wellness

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