Athletic Kite Camp.

Athletes. Trainers. Federations. An athlete needs his individual supportive team to reach his anticipated goals. Whatever team this shall be, no matter how many people comprise this team, the most important part here shall always remain for everyone to feel psychologically safe within this team. The team needs to have the skills to maintain a problem-solving attitude and to ensure that each and every position inside the team is appreciated and valued knowingly. All of this together builds the foundation for the athlete to exert his peak performance ability just in-time. This, of course, often sounds easier than doable. In reality, it is doable though.

*** Developmental learning & psychological safety, your team keys to success. ***

What does such a camp look like? The code word herefore is “kitesurfing” – (re)connect your body to your mind! Kitesurfing is a genius tool to discover and at the same time unwind plus eliminate muscular and mental blockages. We shall stabilise your peak performance capability through the wind & waves while feeling relaxed and joyful. That does not fit together? Performance, joy, recreation and success? Well then I do believe the time has come for us to meet up! Get on board and feel your potential making all of these awesome words tangible!

Interest requirements: Finally want to explore the mental side of the principle “peak performance just in-time”? Ready for new inputs making you leave this camp with a newly discovered faith in your own skills allowing you to now actually implement your way to success because you can feel your confidence? This is the time for you and your team to partner up and come to this camp of mine. Awesome moments shall be awaiting you all. What we need to do is to leave your comfort zone which you do not know exists at this point. Be prepared, you shall be leaving some miles behind you.


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